Why Oculus Quest Is Exactly What VR Needs


Why Oculus Quest Is Exactly What VR Needs

This is an editorial piece. The opinions given are the author』s, not UploadVR』s.

Like many virtual reality enthusiasts, I demo my headset to everyone I can. If a friend, family member, colleague or acquaintance is over and hasn』t experienced VR before- I offer them to try my room scale Rift.

Usually I start them withOculus First Contact. What makes it such a great introductory experience is that it teaches you how to use the Touch controllers without even seeming like a tutorial. After this if they』re a gamer I』ll put them in Superhot VR. If not, I』ll go for Beat Saber then Job Simualator.

The reaction after taking the headset is unanimous: shock and amazement. Statements such as 「that was the most incredible thing I』ve ever tried.」 They don』t complain about the graphical fidelity, or the resolution, or the field of view. The technology is good enough. Their next question, almost always, is 「so how much does one cost?」

When I reply 「well it』s £399」 (now £349), I can see their eyes light up, the thought of purchasing entering their mind. It』s a steep price for most people, but it』s not absurd. But when I finish the sentence, their expression changes. A distinct look disappointment sweeps across their face.

Why? Because I had to end the sentence with 「but it requires a gaming computer, and that』s around £700 minimum」.

In my experience, far more people are interested in purchasing room scale VR than own a gaming PC. To restrict the magic of 6DoF VR to the niche of PC gaming would strangle VR』s potential for growth. Therefore- Oculus Quest is exactly what VR needs .

「But It』s Underpowered!」

It』s absolutely true that Quest is significantly less powerful than a gaming PC. But it』s also true that it doesn』t really matter. The magic of room scale VR is the interactivity is provides and the new gameplay that opens up.

Games like Superhot, Beat Saber, Job Simulator, Rec Room, and Dead & Buried all have simplistic graphics.

「But It Can』t Connect To A PC!」

Most people don』t own a gaming PC. In fact, in my experience most people don』t want to own a gaming PC.

The consumer technology landscape has changed irrevocably in the past 20 years.

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