Samsung Gear Sport drops to $169 ($120 off) at Best Buy and Amazon


If you’ve been looking for a capable smartwatch that won’t break the bank, then this deal is for you. Right now, you can grab a Samsung Gear Sport for $159.99, a whopping $120 off. This deal is available at Best Buy and on Amazon.

Samsung Gear Sport drops to $169 ($120 off) at Best Buy and Amazon

TheGear Sport is quite similar to its predecessor, the Gear S3. It’s a bit slimmer, but the smaller size means that it will fit on a wider array of wrist sizes. Unfortunately, like the Galaxy Watch, it lacks MST support for Samsung Pay, meaning that you’re left with using NFC if you want to pay with your watch. And like the Gear S3, the Gear Sport received a substantial update not too long ago , bringing some welcome UI changes and improvements.

You have your pick of retailer on this deal — you also have a choice between the black and blue bands. It’s eligible for Prime over on Amazon, if that’s relevant to you. Regardless, you can get started at either of the buy links below.


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