proposal: dep: move out of


proposal: dep: move out of

Hi there,

Over the past few months the signals we’ve gotten is that The Core Go team has no interest in continuing the work of dep , or to even contribute code to it to help make the modules transition easier. After the tweet from @rsc apologizing for how the dependency management story wasn’t handled well[1], I’m not aware of active work from the core team to help improve the current situation which isn’t a confidence booster.

As a result, I’d like to ask that the dep source and licenses be transferred out from Google/Golang to the Gofrs GitHub organization so that, at a minimum, we can try to make dep work with projects that have modules enabled / use the semantic import versioning. We’d like to retain the current issue and PR history, while having full administrative control over the project and repository.

We may also want to pick up additional work to continuing to support dep long-term, as there is a deep philosophical divide between those who want a dep-like experience and those who are happy with modules. I don’t believe these disagreements can be resolved in a single solution or implementation, and we should instead work together to ensure we can interoperate.

While I’d love to be able to have modules work for me the way I want, I don’t think that’s a reasonable goal. I now think it’s more realistic to support dep in the interest in strengthening the Go community and the tools that are used to support it. I also think competition in dependency management tooling is as important as having competing businesses to help drive progress, and so I believe adopting dep is one step we can take towards that.

Who would be the best person to talk to get the ball rolling?




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