Pocophone F1 getting 4K/60fps recording next month, but expect another update soon

Pocophone F1 getting 4K/60fps recording next month, but expect another update soon

Pocophone F1

TheXiaomi Pocophone F1 has received a steady stream of updates since its release late last year, and this commitment is extending into the new year as well.

Pocophone India general manager Manmohan Chandolu tweeted that 4K/60fps video recording will be available in a stable update next month. So you no longer need to choose between 4K/30fps or 1080p/60fps, giving you the best of both worlds.

The update means the Pocophone F1 might be the cheapest device capable of recording at 4K/60fps, undercuttingLG andSamsung『s 2018 flagships. There』s more to great camera quality than resolution and frame-rate though, and the device unfortunately lacks all-important optical image stabilization . Nevertheless, we』re glad to see an entirely new recording option come to a phone via a firmware update.

And regarding 4K 60 FPS, we will be rolling it out in the stable update in February. We are working with our partners to also provide Widevine L1 certification.

We will continue to focus on providing the best experience on POCO F1. (2/2) @IndiaPOCO

— C Manmohan (@cmanmohan) January 7, 2019

The executive also confirmed that 960fps super slow motion recording andnight mode are coming via a stable update in the next two weeks. The update will also fix battery and touch issues.

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The super slow mo feature is expected to be a software-based solution, using interpolation in order to hit the 960fps mark. This technique isn』t as smooth as proper 960fps recording, so don』t expect polished results likeSony andSamsung『s devices.

Nevertheless, the addition of night mode should result in bright shots with less noise than a traditional low-light image. Hopefully we see this mode come toXiaomi『s cheaper phones as well, giving budget devices a much-needed boost.

It』s not the first update to feature 960fps recording and night mode, as the sub-brand pushed out a beta updatelast month. But this update should make its way to all Pocophone F1 users rather than just the beta testers.

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