Palm’s $350 credit-card sized smartphone is supposed to liberate you, but it’s got some big…


By now we’re all familiar with the criticisms about smartphones monopolizing our attention and replacing our real-world interactions.

Enter the new Palm phone: a smartphone the size of your credit card is out here trying to break up that reliance on tech.

First released in November , the Palm phone is designed to be a travel-sized companion device to your larger, regular-sized main smartphone. The company has branded the phone as an “ultra-mobile” device that allows you to “stay present during life’s most important moments.”

Over the course of a few months, I regularly swapped out my traditional iPhone for the Palm phone when I would go out with friends, travel to the gym, or go to dinner on the weekends — situations where I wouldn’t necessarily want, or need, my smartphone and all its capabilities.

Here’s what it was like using Palm’s tiny companion smartphone:


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