Node and JavaScript testing best practices


Node and JavaScript testing best practices

Last week, we did a roundup of what happened in the Node world in 2018 . Unfortunately npm Inc.’s blog went down shortly after we sent the issue, breaking many of the links. Sorry if this affected you but it’s all back up again now if you want to enjoythe issue in full 🙂

— Peter Cooper, editor

Node and JavaScript testing best practices

Node and JavaScript Testing Best Practices — A well presented collection of 30 best practices for better Node and JavaScript testing, continuous integration, and overall quality.

Yoni Goldberg

Experimenting with Node 12’s Async Stack Traces — Node 12 isn』t here yet but that doesn』t have to stop you experimenting with a new option that aims to make debugging async functions easier.

Valeri Karpov

Node and JavaScript testing best practices

Redis Data Types in 2019 — An overview of all data structures provided in the latest version of Redis.

RedisGreen sponsor

Trash Talk: V8’s Orinoco Garbage Collector — Orinoco is a high-performance, low-latency, mostly parallel and concurrent garbage collector. Here, Peter Marshall explains its main features and what is yet to come.

Peter Marshall

Node 11.6.0, 10.15.0, 8.15.0 and 6.16.0 Released — Why? LTS releases10.15.0,8.15.0 and6.16.0 are just to fix a regression and to add a flag to adjust the max header size of the HTTP parser.11.6.0 (Current) does the same but also includes a few minor bugfixes and tweaks (including upgrades to npm 6.5.0 and libuv 1.24.1).

Node.js Foundation

Practical Node.js Book Published in Print — There was a (successful) Kickstarter campaign to release an open, online version of this book , but now it』s available in full color in print form (yes, syntax highlighted code!) Direct publisher link.

Azat Mardan

npm, Inc. Has a New CEO, Bryan Bogensberger — Isaac Z Schlueter becomes Chief Product Officer.

The npm Blog

:computer: Jobs

Node.js Developer at X-Team (Remote) — Join the most energizing community for developers. Work from anywhere with the world’s leading brands.


Sr. Back-End Developer – Node/Mongo/Angular/AWS (Atlanta) — Growing HealthIT startup with modern stack. Major focus on company culture and prof. development. Competitive comp+options.


:blue_book: Articles & Tutorials

Using worker_threads in Node — A beginner』s guide to using worker_threads , Node』s new experimental way to create multiple environments running on different threads and channel messages between them.

Rich Trott

▶   Can You Tell Me If Your Node App Is Healthy? — Explores different metrics to look at to define whether your app is ok or not, plus debunks some mysteries of the event loop and threads along the way.

Alejandro Oviedo

Aliasing Module Paths in Node — A look at a way to avoid 『relative path hell』 when requiring modules. Note that Webpack and TypeScript have their own built-in solutions to this problem.

Arun Michael Dsouza

Automated Visual Testing and Reviews on Each Commit — Replace time-consuming manual QA to catch visual UI bugs automatically and start deploying faster.

Percy sponsor

Build a Personal Facebook Messenger Bot with Node and Standard Library Standard Library is a service that runs code in the cloud.

Bal Simpson

Phantom Pain: The First Year Running Headless Chrome in Production — Not Node.js specific, but heavy users ofPuppeteer are likely to find these notes useful.

Joel Griffith

:wrench: Code and Tools

Electron 4.0 Released — Electron is a popular Node-based project used to create desktop apps with modern Web technologies. 4.0 bumps up the underlying tech to Chromium 69, Node 10.11, and V8 6.9.

Michelle Tilley

Low.js: A Node Port for Embedded Devices — Has far lower system requirements than standard Node and can now be flashed on to ESP32-WROVER boards.Here』s how.

neonious GmbH

Trilium Notes: A Knowledge Base App Built on Express.js — A hierarhical note taking app. Built as an Express app but also includes Electron packaging.


string-similarity: Finds Degree of Similarity Between Two Strings — Uses the Sørensen–Dice coefficient which is better than Levenshtein distance for many use cases.

Akash K

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