NASA is currently CLOSED


NASA is currently CLOSED

  • Message from Bob Gibbs to the NASA Workforce – Important Information Related to the Government Shutdown
  • To ensure you』re viewing the latest version of this website, please clear your browser』s cache by doing the following:
    • For Windows machines, hold the CTRL key and press F5
    • For MAC’s hold the CMD and Shift keys and press the “R” key
  • Use of Government-issued IT devices
    • Excepted Employees: Please remember to use the Virtual Private Network (VPN) whenever you are conducting NASA excepted services during the shutdown due to a lapse in funding. This ensures your IT device is getting appropriate patching and is protected by other layers of NASA』s network infrastructure to guard against cyber threats.
    • Non-Excepted Employees: During shutdown due to a lapse in funding, non-excepted employees should not use their government-issued IT devices for the duration of the shutdown.

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