Markdeck – author cool slides, text-only, offline-ready, collaborative


Markdeck – author cool slides, text-only, offline-ready, collaborative

markdeck – presentations as code

author cool slide decks, text-only, offline-ready, collaborative


  • converts markdown to a clean html5 slide deck
  • cool looking: based on battle-proven web frameworks, like reveal.js
  • no uplink required, neither when authoring, nor presenting:
    no awkward moments during presentation (no “I am still waiting for the Internet, sorry!”)
  • all batteries included: live renderer, pdf output, asciiart-converter
  • text-only, easy syntax: just markdown
  • fast-n-easy to write: bring your own editor!
  • easy to collaborate-n-reuse: text-only, so bring your own VCS
  • eye-candy: supports unicode, emojis, fontawesome, asciiart, math, charts, code highlighting, recorded terminal sessions, …
  • self-documenting documentation slides :
    see the slide source and the result, side-by-side

You can also visit the shiny landing page or the showcase .

install markdeck, tl;dr

You need bash , curl , docker-compose and an empty directory, then run the following command:

curl | bash

This will download a minimal setup, download all needed docker images, then markdeck gets started…

Use Ctrl-C to stop markdeck, and ./start , ./stop or ./update-markdeck to do the suitable things.


… can be found in

how to start from scratch

mkdir my-slides && cd my-slides
curl -O
open http://localhost:8080
# edit, add assets/, consult documentation, ...

how does this work

markdeck takes slide-*.md files in markdown format and the assets subdir and renders a html5 slidedeck, using pandoc as converter and reveal.js as the presenter framework.

see the side-by-side view , to get an idea how markdeck works and looks like, or have a look at the documentation .

Based on

markdown, pandoc, reveal.js, plantuml, ditaamini, graphviz, asciinema, decktape, vega-lite, math-jax, and font-awesome.

known issues

  • custom layout hard, but possible
  • pixel-perfect layout nearly impossible
  • see the todos

similar projects

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